Daren Fisher, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at The Citadel. His research interests include the relationship between government actions and subsequent terrorism, criminological theory, policing, and crime prevention. Daren specializes in empirically testing the predictions of criminological theory to better inform government policies that aim to reduce crime using econometric methods and qualitative approaches. 


Daren received his PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, where he was awarded an Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship, which supports candidates who have demonstrated excellence in their careers and show promising impact in their dissertation work. 


Daren has published articles in the European Journal of CriminologyStudies in Conflict and Terrorism, Critical Studies on TerrorismPolice Practice and ResearchCritical Criminology, and Women & Criminal Justice. He has also authored book chapters on Sociological and Criminological Explanations of Terrorism (Oxford University Press, eds. Erica Chenoweth, Andreas Gofas, Richard English, and Stathis Kalyvas) and the Emergence of Classical Criminological Theory (Wiley, ed. Ruth A. Triplett).


Daren has also received a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours 1) in Criminology from the University of New South Wales and a Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland. Daren currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife and their young son.




Fisher, D. and Meitus, A. (2017). Uprooting or Sowing Violence?: Coca Eradication and Guerrilla Violence in ColombiaStudies in Conflict & Terrorism. Vol. 40, No. 9, 790-807.


University of Maryland

Doctor of Philosophy, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Governance and Society

Fisher, D. (2018). Gender equality and its heterogeneous impact on the incarceration of women in Turkey. International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. Online first at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1756061617302495

Crime Prevention

Clancey, G., Fisher, D., and Yeung, N. (2016). A Recent History of Australian Crime PreventionCrime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal. Online at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1057/s41300-016-0001-4


University of Maryland

Master of Arts, Criminology and Criminal Justice


University of New South Wales

First Class Honours, Criminology


University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Social Science and Social Policy, Criminology (with Distinction)

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